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To help you knock out a great senior session I have put together a few tips/tricks to plan for and consider as your session approaches.


  • You are allowed wardrobe changes during your session. My rule of thumb is one change per session hour. One change for one hour session; two changes for two hour session, etc.

  • Make sure clothes chosen are relatively quick and easy to get in and out of.  We might be walking around quite a bit so the ability to be portable and change on the fly will be a time saver.   

  • Choose clothes that fit your personality.  Don't try and wear something that you wouldn't normally wear.

  • Dress in layers this will add dimension. This also helps to have a base look when changing blouses/shirts as we walk around.

  • Be prepared there may not be a restroom for you to change in.

  • Don't hesitate to bring jackets, sweaters.

  • Make sure to avoid busy patterns and lines. 

  • Select colors that compliment your skin tone and eyes.

  • Bring different colored shirts (guys) tops and/or dresses (girls). 

  • Wear clothes with different necklines

  • Wear accessories if you wear them.  (Hats, jewelry, watches, earrings, etc).

  • Don't be afraid to visit second hand shops to find something new that you'd like.


  • Watch the weather and dress accordingly.  No need to wear heavy layers on a warm and humid day. 

  • Bring water to stay hydrated.  You will be smiling, walking and talking quite a bit.  Do this no matter the season.

  • Bring the following items

    • something to snack on.  Especially if you, or your parent are prone to drops in blood sugars. 

    • a brush/comb.

    • hair product (Palmade, hairspray, barrettes, etc).

    • lip gloss (ladies) and chap stick (men).

    • make-up to touch up as the session goes along.

  • Walk around the locations you'd like to have your session done at especially during the time of your session.

  • Make sure to ask neighbors for permission if you like to use their property for your session.

  • Don't be afraid to visit Pinterest for inspiration. Make sure to share your ideas and poses with me. 



  • This is better said than done, but try not to be nervous.  I will do my best to make sure you HAVE FUN.  Being as relaxed as you can will make for some great finished images.

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