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Engagement Session Tips


The goal of your upcoming engagement session is to capture images that will tell family and friends your love story.  Listed below are my suggestions as you plan and prepare for a great engagement session.



Open Communication


It’s important to share your ideas. I use these ideas to develop photographic concepts and in the selection of the location for your session. I encourage you to look at Pinterest, magazines, and social media outlets to help develop, or fine-tune, your vision.


As you try to decide the location(s) of your session please consider these examples:


  • Place you met?

  • Places you talked?

  • Place you got engaged?

  • Locations or scenery you enjoy together?

  • Hobbies-activities you share?



What should you wear?


You are allowed multiple wardrobe changes for your session. A rough rule of thumb is to have no more than two outfits. One dressier and one casual.  If you have a tough time narrowing down your outfit selections, bring them with you, even if it is more than two. It would be better to have them on hand and will provide flexibility for the locations, lighting, and scenery available. Please arrive at the session dressed in your casual outfit. This will help us get started right away.  Also, be prepared that in rural locations we may not have access to a place to change clothes in. 


Please focus on clothing and color combinations that are complimentary with each other. Avoid busy patterns (especially tiny ones). These may not photograph well. My suggestion is to focus on solid colors, if possible, and select clothing that is comfortable and represents you.  There is no need to be in a suit and tie if you are not used to wearing one.  Don’t be afraid to wear bold jewelry, scarves, and colored shoes. These will photograph well, but make sure that they are comfortable and that it represents you.




Kyle and Chelsea-14.JPG

General Guidelines


For the groom to be:


  • Be careful of getting excessive sun exposure for about two weeks prior to your session.  

  • If getting a haircut I suggest to get one about a week or two prior. This will allow your hair to grow out and settle into its style prior to the session. 

  • Trim beards and mustaches a day or two prior to your session. The same holds true for ear and nose hairs.

  • Have your bride to look at your eyebrows to make sure stragglers are plucked or trimmed. 

  • If you'd like to shave please do so the evening before your session. This will allow any nicks to heal over and be easier to edit. 

  • Bring Palmade, gel, a comb or brush with you.  It may be needed especially after you change clothes.


For the bride-to-be:


  • Please get your engagement ring cleaned the day or two prior to the session.

  • Avoid getting excessive sun exposure in the two weeks leading up to your session.

  • If you spray tan please do so two weeks prior to your session. This will allow enough time for the spray tan to blend in.  It is very difficult to edit tan lines. 

  • Avoid glossy make-up, including lip gloss. Wear makeup that you are accustomed to wearing. Earth tones photograph really nice! 

  • Bring a lint roller. They always come in handy, especially on dark colors.

  • Bring a brush, hair spray, barrettes, bobby pins, etc.  


Have Fun

  • The best way to feel at ease during your session is by pretending you both are on a date.

  • Don't be afraid to show affection around the camera during the session.

  • If you are comfortable with being flirtatious, please do so.  This will come through in the finished images.

  • Bring props that you'd like to use. I will incorporate them into the session as we go along.



I am looking forward to your session. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. You may call or text me at 515-715-2013 or email at See you at your session! ~ Travis







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