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Welcome to the boudoir session tips page.  This page will help you prepare for your upcoming session.  


Bring extras of everything

    You heard that right! Bring extras! This includes stockings, panties, bras, make-up, and shoes. Think of it this way, more is better than not having it.  It would be unfortunate to have a run in a stocking without a back-up pair to switch into. 

    The same theory applies to make-up.  Bring enough and maybe a little more just in case. If you have to ask yourself "do I need this?" bring that item.  You will miss it when it is needed. 


Try on outfits you wish to bring.

    Try on sexy outfits you regularly wear but please don't forget about older outfits too. Those older outfits may now fit! Once you select the two/three outfits you wish to bring to your session I suggest trying them on, twice! Why? The first time is to ensure proper fit and to get accustomed to how the outfit goes on.  The second time focuses on how the lingerie will lay on your body. Take corsets as an example. Try it on once to get accustomed to how it should be laced up. Once you are finished undress and repeat.  For the second fitting focus on how it lays on your body.  The same advice applies towards garters, stockings, bra/panty sets, lingerie, and shoes. Trying clothes on at home will help the session be more efficient. 

    I recommend purchasing a matching bra and panty set before the session.  Make sure that you get a style that is you. If you don't wear thongs, I suggest you don't try to wear them for the session. If you wear cheeky's, then, by all means, wear cheeky's!  If you are thinner and want to focus on curves bring lingerie with horizontal lines. If you have curves fishnet stockings will help provide balance to any outfit. Also, don't be afraid to raid your significant other's closet.  We can have lots of fun with his pressed white dress shirt and one of his ties!  Bring props too (glasses even if readers, sentimental items, etc)

   Whatever you decide to bring make sure you feel confident wearing it and it accents your beautiful body.  


Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes to the Session


For travel to the session wear loose-fitting clothing sans the bra, socks, and jewelry. This will ensure that pressure marks aren't left on shoulders or other places.



   DO NOT SPRAY OR FAKE TAN. That in bold for a reason. Spray tans can, and do, interfere with how your skin would naturally look in the finished image, especially black and white.  There is no problem with regular tanning. I recommend regular tanning be completed about two weeks prior to your session. This will allow uneven skin tones to even out.  Also, make sure tanning is done nude to avoid tan lines.  If you go outside don't forget sunscreen (SPF-15).



  Bring water with you to the session.  There may not be water fountains or potable water if we shoot in remote locations.  Hotel locations can probably skip this part since water is readily available.


Touch up the basics

As the week of your session arrives I recommend the following: 

  •  The week of to get your haircut and dyed (if needed).

  • The day before the session you either wax or shave everything you want to.

  • Two days before splurge and try to get a Pedi/mani.  These small details can really make a big difference and can make or break how the finished images look.

Hair and Make-up

  • Please arrive with hair and make-up ready unless you added the service to your package.



Relax and have fun

    After you arrive for your session take a few moments to take in the surroundings. This will help you get into a good mindset for the session.  Put your belongings where it is out of the way of any scenery the photographer has laid out. I will be there and will talk to you to go over the plan of the shoot. 

I am quite good at is having a positive outgoing personality. I feel this helps create a great atmosphere for the session. If we take a great image, you WILL KNOW IT and I WILL SHOW YOU.  It does wonders for your nerves and frame of mind to see the awesome images you are creating. I am hopeful it will help relax and allow you to enjoy the session.


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